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The new music video for ”Fantasy Club” has arrived!  Check it out here!




-Michael 11.30.18

Fantasy Club Music Video!


BIG NEWS!  Brand new fully animated music video for “Fantasy Club” will be released on Friday!  Stay tuned!!!

-Michael 11.28.18

Music Videos Coming Soon!


Hey guys!

We just had an AMAZING show at Smith's Olde Bar earlier this month.  It was our biggest show yet... with about a hundred people there... we played two new songs, three new covers, and had a full hour of rockin' fun!  After the show, the guys at Smith's Olde Bar had us sign a poster that will be framed and hanging up in their bar from now on.  What an honor.

In other news, we've been hard at work on some new music videos that we can't wait to share with you guys.  The first one should be available sometime next month... so be on the lookout.  :-)


-Michael 01.31.17

Upstairs at Smith's Olde Bar!

Robot Party!

Hey guys!

This year is just flying by… and its been a great year for Robot Party!  The newest album was a huge success, we were on Radio 105.7's Local's Only show a while back, and we’ve played some really fun shows!  We played our first show at Star Bar, a couple more shows at Smith’s Olde Bar, and we even did a pool party last month.  What a year!

As you may have guessed, the website isn’t updated as often as our social media accounts, so the past few shows haven’t been listed here on the website.  Go ahead and like us on Facebook if you haven’t already for all the latest updates.  You’ll never miss a Robot Party show again!  That being said, we’ve got some news:

After years of playing at Smith’s Olde Bar downstairs in the Atlanta room… we’re finally moving on upstairs to the Music Room on Friday October 7th!  It will be a bigger room, better stage, and an wilder show!  We’ll be joining THREE STAR REVIVAL and LION AND COMPANY for their album release show.  Its going to be awesome!

And you really won’t want to miss this show… because this is in all likelihood the last show that we’ll be playing with Mark.  We didn’t kick him out of the band or anything… but he’s working on some other projects, and at least for the foreseeable future, he’ll be on to bigger and better things.  So basically, this may be your last chance to see Mark play with Robot Party… so don’t miss it!

-Michael 09.08.16

New Album Is Out!

RMS Album Cover

The time has come! Revenge of the Moon Scorpions is now available! Get it now on iTunes, CD Baby, or Bandcamp!

Big thanks to everybody who came out for the release show last night, what a great night!

-Mark 01.10.16

Skydiving Fetish

Skydiving Fetish

Hey guys and gals! Check out our latest single over at Bandcamp!

This is off of our new album, Revenge of the Moon Scorpions, coming out next month (1/9/2016)!

-Eric 12.10.15

Hello 2015!

Caledonia 2014 Crowd

Hey! YO! What up Robo Bros???  Mike here... and I've got a few ROBOT PARTY ANNOUNCEMENTS!

I guess its been a while. We've written a couple new songs since our last update... and played a handful of shows! There was a house party performance or two, an Atlanta show... and most notably... we joined up with epic rock legends DOCTOR SQUID and THE WARM FUZZIES and did an epic crossover show in Athens, GA!  And what an epic night it was!  But how was it a crossover show you ask?  Well, becuase Michael's brother Larry sings in DOCTOR SQUID, and... because Mark plays guitar in... ALL THREE of those bands! (apparently!)

Moving right along... we've got another show coming up at Smith's Olde Bar that you won't wanna miss. We're joining forces with the girls from heY!ALLigator, and amazing local acts WRENN, and STARTING FIRES! This is happening Friday 8pm 1/23 in Smith's Olde Bar's ATLANTA ROOM. There will be Robot Party shenanigans, and some new surprises!  

SO CHECK. IT. OUT! Cheers!

-Michael 01.19.15

Our next show and... PARTY BOY X!


Attention all Party Bots!  We are playing a show on Friday October 10th at Smiths Olde Bar!  Doors open at 7, show starts at 8!  You gotta BE THERE!

In other news, there's been some cool stuff happening lately.  ROBOT PARTY has some brand new songs, and is keeping things FRESH!  Last month, we played a house show with the two-girl hip hop duo, HeY!ALLigator, from Auburn, AL!  It was probably the coolest thing to ever happen in the Skull House.  And for the first time in History, HeY!ALLigator's Reefer Rizzle played Trombone with ROBOT PARTY for Smoke and Trombones!  It was a special moment.  And like history in the making.

Also last month, Michael played a solo show at STIR AUBURN in Auburn, AL as PARTY BOY X, a robot from the future sent back in time to party.  There were old songs, new songs, rapping, dancing, black spandex, and camo leggings.  And the folks at STIR were into it... So this may happen again.  So stay tuned!

And come see ROBOT PARTY on October 10th!  YEAH!!

-Michael 10.01.14


St pattys (update formatted)

Whats up guys??  Its that time of year again… school is out for Summer, the sun is getting hotter, the girls are in their bikinis… and everyone is ready to PARTY!   Whether its going to the beach to splash in the waves, or chillin’ at home with some beer and video games, what better soundtrack for your summer then the “Party-Perfect” music from the RPS?  We’re doing quite a bit of celebrating ourselves lately.  Its been a big year for the guys in The RPS… two of the five guys in the band got married after all.  (And not even to each other!)

Wait… did I say FIVE members of RPS?  Wasn’t there four?  Well, if you are wondering that right now, then you probably missed the fact that for almost a whole year, Doctor Squid’s lead guitarist, and RPS’s album producer Mark Spurlock, has joined The Rotating Point Source… FULL TIME.  That’s right, so that means a whole new flavor of RPS, including slicker guitar solos… clever-er rap verses... and BRAND NEW SONGS!

Yeah we’ve got new songs.  A whole bunch of ‘em.  New songs about Partying Robots, The End of the World, and a Guy with Swords for Hands.  Yep.  And you can come hear our new stuff at our upcoming show at Smith’s Olde Bar, on Friday 7/11.

Woah... Mark joining the band, and new songs… that’s some big news?  Yeah, maybe if you’ve been sleeping under a rock the past 11 months.  Seriously that news is OLD AS SHIT.  Okay, okay, if wanna TWIST MY ARM… here is the real news.  Here is the REAL big announcement, the big update that is about to change everything… its time for the BIG BIG UPDATE!  

As of today... The Rotating Point Source is no more.  Because we’re changing our name… to something crazier… to something partier… to something that represents our new sound perfectly.  As of this moment, our new band name is:



To summarize:
-UPCOMING SHOW at Smith’s Olde Bar on 7/11

 So there you have it.  ROBOT PARTY.  Accompanied by the brand new website: www.robotpartyatl.com.  Let it sink in.  Savor it.  Treasure it.  God knows it will be easier to remember the damn name… so tell your friends alright?

-Michael 06.27.14

Album Now Available!

Presenting the first album

What up? Whats new? What you sippin on??

Whats new with us you wonder? Well, we've been very busy lately, playing shows around Atlanta, and promoting our new album! (Sweet.) The band will also have more shows and events scheduled and up on the website very soon, so be sure to keep checking back for those. Furthermore, rumor has it there may be some music videos in the works! You'll just have to stay tuned to see what goodies are coming your way next! :-)

Our debut album THE ROTATING POINT SOURCE is now available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, and more. You can totally support us by clicking one of the links below:

We also have a commercial now. Check it out.

Thats all for now! Take it sleazy.

-Michael 05.23.13

RPS Gets Doobious!

Hanging out in Savannah

Hey everybody!  We've got some really exciting news to share!

Firstly, Robert Keith Brooks of Doobious.org has written a extremely positive review of our debut album, "The Rotating Point Source"!   He has some very flattering comments to make such as: "This band is just plain fun", and "Their music makes me want to jump up and down while my hands make a thrashing motion"!  Thanks Keith!  We are thrilled to receive such kind and positive praise!  Check out the full review, which has been posted to the front page of Doobious' website!


Secondly, we are expanding our online presence on the world wide web!  The RPS is now on Instagram, (Username: RotatingPointSource), and Tumblr (rotatingpointsource.tumblr.com).  So now you can check us out all over teh internetz, as we prepare for our album release on March 30th!

And last but not least, our good friend and favorite Photographer Nicky Smith did an incrdible photo shoot with the band, and has posted some really exceptional photos of us.  I'll be posting more soon here to the website, to our facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and where ever else you fine people would like to view them!

Only 25 days until the Official Release Party!  Mark your calendars!  Woohoo!

-Michael 03.05.13