Album #ItsTimeToPlay

Revenge of the Moon Scorpions

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Genre Rock, Pop, Dance, Rap
Released 01.09.16
Length 43:18

© 2016 Robot Party

The Rotating Point Source

The Rotating Point Source iTunes CD Baby Bandcamp
Genre Garage Rock, Synth Pop, Punk
Released 03.30.13
Length 33:08

© 2013 Robot Party

A raw rock and roll sound, with loose recording techniques, one of the things that makes the cd fun to listen to is that you can hear how "garage band" these guys are. Now, I don’t mean that with any insulting intent. In a world where the majority of music may be considered "over produced," an atmospheric sound where not everything is perfect, synthesized, auto tuned, or chopped and screwed is a relief. The recording quality reminds me of the Stooges, and it bears the same sort of energy. It feels like I should be throwing back a few beers at a local dive, jamming out to the band as theyrock the front row’s faces off. And that’s a feeling I like.

I also like the fact that this band is just plain fun. With a tongue in cheek attitude that is present on many of their tracks, they could potentially best be defined within the punk rock genre, but possess elements of bands like Sublime, Talking Heads, and reminiscent qualities of some nerd-core bands. Pretty catchy melodies, straight forward arrangements, and fun subject matters are key thematics throughout their music. For example, one of my favorite songs, entitled “Dancing with Bullets,” is seemingly a discussion about the end of the world….BY ROBOTS!!! That’s the kind of shit this diabetic likes.

Keith Brooks,