Band #BackInOhFour

Robot Party

Robot Party (formerly the Rotating Point Source) is a five-piece rock/dance/pop band originally from Statesboro, GA and now headquartered in Atlanta. Our music draws on everything from Nirvana to Lady Gaga, from Devo to Beastie Boys, and our lyrics are stranger still. We like crunchy guitars, dancy synths, catchy melodies, and pretty much anything that makes people wanna party.

Michael Cardinal, Eric Luedtke, and Brandon and Bryan Keenan first met in Statesboro during their first semester at Georgia Southern, and jammed during their first day of classes. After finishing school, the guys moved to Atlanta and the band now operates out of the infamous Skull House in Kennesaw. We released our first album, "The Rotating Point Source" in 2013, and album producer Mark Spurlock joined the band soon after. Changing the band name to Robot Party, we now set out once again and with renewed vigor on our mission to make Atlanta party.

Michael swordplays in the snow

Michael Cardinal : Vocals, Synth

Power Ranger - Red

Michael “Mega Death” Cardinal was the first of many children. Being first obviously makes him the best by default. His PhD in sword acrobatics made him the first in his family eligible to receive welfare. He says he doesn’t go crazy with it or anything so it’s cool. Sometimes he likes to cross his arms and stand really close to people so that they feel uncomfortable.

Eric is the wisest wizard.

Eric Luedtke : Guitar, Vocals

Power Ranger - Black

Eric is by far the coolest member of the band. I heard that he likes to drive a super cool motorcycle and do wheelies and other cool tricks and stuff. He is also the most fashionable of the band. He pulls off almost any type of clothing and sets all of the latest trends. He has a certain swagger that is undeniably the best.

Brandon being fashionable

Brandon Keenan : Bass

Power Ranger - Green

A wise man once said, "Brandon, you can't eat an entire pair of corduroy slacks and not end up in the hospital". That man was correct, but it didn't do him much good when Brandon, freshly released from 3 days in the ICU, tracked him down and burned down his house for being so smug about it.

Mariachi Mark at Skulloween 2013

Mark Spurlock : Guitar, Vocals

Power Ranger - Yellow

Heroes aren't born, they are made. Nevertheless, Mark's parents assure him that he was in fact born, so they're probably lying. Mark speaks a number of exotic languages, most of which are not widely spoken or known because they are bullshit. Eventually though, some chick will fall for it and be impressed.

Bryan at RPS Prom

Bryan Keenan : Drums

Power Ranger - Blue

After being voted "most likely to commit insurance fraud" by his high school class, Bryan went on to a successful career of portraying mental patients on television soap operas. When his performance single-handedly caused the collapse of the USSR, he started having second thoughts about his career choice. Bryan decided to escape the spotlight and settle down in a small robotic town to have a party.