Updates #GuessWhatHappenedNext

Hello 2015!

Caledonia 2014 Crowd

Hey! YO! What up Robo Bros???  Mike here... and I've got a few ROBOT PARTY ANNOUNCEMENTS!

I guess its been a while. We've written a couple new songs since our last update... and played a handful of shows! There was a house party performance or two, an Atlanta show... and most notably... we joined up with epic rock legends DOCTOR SQUID and THE WARM FUZZIES and did an epic crossover show in Athens, GA!  And what an epic night it was!  But how was it a crossover show you ask?  Well, becuase Michael's brother Larry sings in DOCTOR SQUID, and... because Mark plays guitar in... ALL THREE of those bands! (apparently!)

Moving right along... we've got another show coming up at Smith's Olde Bar that you won't wanna miss. We're joining forces with the girls from heY!ALLigator, and amazing local acts WRENN, and STARTING FIRES! This is happening Friday 8pm 1/23 in Smith's Olde Bar's ATLANTA ROOM. There will be Robot Party shenanigans, and some new surprises!  

SO CHECK. IT. OUT! Cheers!

-Michael 01.19.15