Updates #GuessWhatHappenedNext

Our next show and... PARTY BOY X!


Attention all Party Bots!  We are playing a show on Friday October 10th at Smiths Olde Bar!  Doors open at 7, show starts at 8!  You gotta BE THERE!

In other news, there's been some cool stuff happening lately.  ROBOT PARTY has some brand new songs, and is keeping things FRESH!  Last month, we played a house show with the two-girl hip hop duo, HeY!ALLigator, from Auburn, AL!  It was probably the coolest thing to ever happen in the Skull House.  And for the first time in History, HeY!ALLigator's Reefer Rizzle played Trombone with ROBOT PARTY for Smoke and Trombones!  It was a special moment.  And like history in the making.

Also last month, Michael played a solo show at STIR AUBURN in Auburn, AL as PARTY BOY X, a robot from the future sent back in time to party.  There were old songs, new songs, rapping, dancing, black spandex, and camo leggings.  And the folks at STIR were into it... So this may happen again.  So stay tuned!

And come see ROBOT PARTY on October 10th!  YEAH!!

-Michael 10.01.14