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St pattys (update formatted)

Whats up guys??  Its that time of year again… school is out for Summer, the sun is getting hotter, the girls are in their bikinis… and everyone is ready to PARTY!   Whether its going to the beach to splash in the waves, or chillin’ at home with some beer and video games, what better soundtrack for your summer then the “Party-Perfect” music from the RPS?  We’re doing quite a bit of celebrating ourselves lately.  Its been a big year for the guys in The RPS… two of the five guys in the band got married after all.  (And not even to each other!)

Wait… did I say FIVE members of RPS?  Wasn’t there four?  Well, if you are wondering that right now, then you probably missed the fact that for almost a whole year, Doctor Squid’s lead guitarist, and RPS’s album producer Mark Spurlock, has joined The Rotating Point Source… FULL TIME.  That’s right, so that means a whole new flavor of RPS, including slicker guitar solos… clever-er rap verses... and BRAND NEW SONGS!

Yeah we’ve got new songs.  A whole bunch of ‘em.  New songs about Partying Robots, The End of the World, and a Guy with Swords for Hands.  Yep.  And you can come hear our new stuff at our upcoming show at Smith’s Olde Bar, on Friday 7/11.

Woah... Mark joining the band, and new songs… that’s some big news?  Yeah, maybe if you’ve been sleeping under a rock the past 11 months.  Seriously that news is OLD AS SHIT.  Okay, okay, if wanna TWIST MY ARM… here is the real news.  Here is the REAL big announcement, the big update that is about to change everything… its time for the BIG BIG UPDATE!  

As of today... The Rotating Point Source is no more.  Because we’re changing our name… to something crazier… to something partier… to something that represents our new sound perfectly.  As of this moment, our new band name is:



To summarize:
-UPCOMING SHOW at Smith’s Olde Bar on 7/11

 So there you have it.  ROBOT PARTY.  Accompanied by the brand new website: www.robotpartyatl.com.  Let it sink in.  Savor it.  Treasure it.  God knows it will be easier to remember the damn name… so tell your friends alright?

-Michael 06.27.14