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RPS Gets Doobious!

Hanging out in Savannah

Hey everybody!  We've got some really exciting news to share!

Firstly, Robert Keith Brooks of Doobious.org has written a extremely positive review of our debut album, "The Rotating Point Source"!   He has some very flattering comments to make such as: "This band is just plain fun", and "Their music makes me want to jump up and down while my hands make a thrashing motion"!  Thanks Keith!  We are thrilled to receive such kind and positive praise!  Check out the full review, which has been posted to the front page of Doobious' website!


Secondly, we are expanding our online presence on the world wide web!  The RPS is now on Instagram, (Username: RotatingPointSource), and Tumblr (rotatingpointsource.tumblr.com).  So now you can check us out all over teh internetz, as we prepare for our album release on March 30th!

And last but not least, our good friend and favorite Photographer Nicky Smith did an incrdible photo shoot with the band, and has posted some really exceptional photos of us.  I'll be posting more soon here to the website, to our facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and where ever else you fine people would like to view them!

Only 25 days until the Official Release Party!  Mark your calendars!  Woohoo!

-Michael 03.05.13