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Upstairs at Smith's Olde Bar!

Robot Party!

Hey guys!

This year is just flying by… and its been a great year for Robot Party!  The newest album was a huge success, we were on Radio 105.7's Local's Only show a while back, and we’ve played some really fun shows!  We played our first show at Star Bar, a couple more shows at Smith’s Olde Bar, and we even did a pool party last month.  What a year!

As you may have guessed, the website isn’t updated as often as our social media accounts, so the past few shows haven’t been listed here on the website.  Go ahead and like us on Facebook if you haven’t already for all the latest updates.  You’ll never miss a Robot Party show again!  That being said, we’ve got some news:

After years of playing at Smith’s Olde Bar downstairs in the Atlanta room… we’re finally moving on upstairs to the Music Room on Friday October 7th!  It will be a bigger room, better stage, and an wilder show!  We’ll be joining THREE STAR REVIVAL and LION AND COMPANY for their album release show.  Its going to be awesome!

And you really won’t want to miss this show… because this is in all likelihood the last show that we’ll be playing with Mark.  We didn’t kick him out of the band or anything… but he’s working on some other projects, and at least for the foreseeable future, he’ll be on to bigger and better things.  So basically, this may be your last chance to see Mark play with Robot Party… so don’t miss it!

-Michael 09.08.16